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1 You have purchased an overseas property, or you are now living in a pleasant home abroad, somewhere in a sunny place, your testimony can help others making the good choices.

You can tell us what destination you have chosen, why, and how happy you feel of your choice.

But you can also relate about the concrete difficulties you had met while you were in the buying process, in order to help others or help them avoid predicaments.

2 You have had a bad experience and your project of purchasing a property abroad failed for various reasons. It is important for us to share your story. Telling us what you experienced can prevent others from making the same mistakes, or facing the same traps.

3 You are a specialist of real-estate market abroad, an agent or an investment advisor, and you would like to share what you know about property market abroad. This can clearly help many people in the process of purchasing a property abroad, or leaving their home country to settle down in the country of their dreams.

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