Consulting and assistance

You are looking for advices from a neutral professional having a strong expertise of real-estate market and purchasing process abroad? My Home Abroad expertise is at your service, and can help you make the right choice in a situation where it is not easy to find a good intermediate and a reliable information.

If you have the project of making an investment abroad, purchasing a property or a business, leaving your home country to retire in a sunny and pleasant country:

  • You benefit with us from a twenty-five years experience in real-estate field.
  • Our excellent knowledge of the international property market can save you a lot of trouble.
  • You can rely on listening and support from an expert throughout your project, even after achievement.
  • Since we do not operate as a real estate agent, we will not be an intermediate in the sales that you might realize. This makes us a neutral and independent partner, better able to serve your interests.

Our services for individuals

Financial advisory services related with international real estate:

  • You want to make an investment abroad, we advise you thanks to our expertise in international real estate matters.
  • It is crucial that your investment generate profit without facing confiscatory taxation.
  • You intend to purchase a second home abroad for holidays or to retire, we can guide you and explain the process of buying abroad.

Our international real estate ads

You are looking for a property abroad, we gather for you the best ads of the market: properties for sales, real-estate developments, rentals listings, leisure rentals ads, business resales. You can contact directly the authors of these ads, who can be owners, agencies, property developers.

Assistance services for your projects abroad

You wish to emigrate for business purpose or to retire, we can assist you in this process through appropriate services:

  • Inform you about the local legislation and the legal procedures you will be facing
  • Analyze the relevance of your project, determining the means and steps for its concrete implementation.
  • Provide you with our expertise in the field of company aquisition and business creation abroad.
  • Assist you in all important paperwork, administrative or banking procedures (visas, insurance, health insurance, opening an account).
  • Help you in the financing of your expatriation process

A network of exclusive licenced agents

My Home Abroad brings together a network of independent and exclusive real-estate agents, working under trademark license, each in his own sector. These real estate professionals share our sense of service and our rules.

Each agent knows perfectly the area in which he operates. As we have selected them, we know you can trust them to purchase or rent a property through them. The services they are proposing is not limited to the property domain, they can also assist you in administratives procedure and for many pratical aspects.

An extended network of partners

The members of our extended partners network can assist you in many domains related with property, such as real-estale, insurrance, credit, interior design.

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