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Join My Home Abroad real estate agents network. As an agent or licensed partner of our brand, you will access to a powerful solution to launch or boost your real estate business on the Web!

You are interested in real estate, you would like to make it your business, or launch an extra activity linked with real estate that would enable you to develop fully while having another source of income: why don’t you join My Home Abroad agents network?


With the trademark license My Home Abroad, you can quickly and efficiently start a business as an international property agent in a region of the world that you know well.

To whom is our license suitable ?

Our trademark license solution is suitable for:

  • People who are not real estate professionals, but who want to start a business in this domain, thanks to our experience and th powerful tools that we are opening to them. This activity may relate to any property situated both in France and abroad.
  • Agents based in France and who would like to propose to their clients overseas properties.
  • Commercial agents based abroad and who wish to work within our network in order to benefit our expertise in international real estate domain as well as our marketing and Web tools.
  • Fellow realtors who want to work abroad and use our image and brand to have better results.

In short, this license solution is perfect if…

  • You want to start a business in the real estate domain at a lower cost.
  • As a real estate professional, you want to stay or to become independent, though you need a working tool both powerful and affordable.
  • You wish to benefit from our expertise in new technologies applied to real estate, including the Internet.
  • You intend extend your professional activity to the international real estate business.

Our services

We offer our licensed agents:

A personalized and optimized high quality Internet website
Your professional emails addresses
Your business card
A powerful tool to manage your property listing
An access to a wide real estate listing
Following and treating efficiently your contacts with our CRM
An efficient communication tool
A powerful marketing strategy on the Internet thanks to our real estate portal
Appear on the first page of Web search engines
You personalized advertising campaigns
Business events organization
Using Facebook and social networks for business

Advantage of the license

When you work as an international property broker, it is not necessary to open an agency, because your clients are more all around the world than at the corner of the street. A simple office may be enought. Though, beeing highly visible on the Internet is vital! Joining My Home Abroad network will give you the visibility that you need to reach profit.

The success in real estate brokering domain is always a team effort. Becoming a member of My Home Abroad licensees and collaborators network will certainly help you make sales, thanks to the skills bring by the others. Their experience will feed you and help you everyday.

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