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  • Tax Paris Realestate Myhomeabroad

    Low taxation regime in Paris

    Property tax is due by the owner, it is relatively inexpensive in Paris which combines the statutes of a City and a Department. For non-residents, the French Treasury (tax department) is less greedy, there are many tax breaks for those who live more than 180 …

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  • Vignette Assurance Thaïlande

    Subscribing a car insurance in Thailand

    The driving Compulsory insurance in Thailand, called the “CPLT” for Compulsory Third Party Liability or PO LO BO, is the government insurance and the minimum requirement for driving a car in Thailand. This insurance will only cover the damages to people (third party) that you would cause while …

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  • Real Estate Purchase Barcelona Myhomeabroad

    Real estate in Spain: the purchasing process

    Obtaining a NIE Before you start looking for a property, you will have to obtain a the Alien Identification Number (NIE). This number, mandatory for foreigners wishing to buy or sell a property in Spain, is issued by the Spanish immigration department: you will have …

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  • Permis Conduire Intal

    Driving in Thailand

    If you want to drive in Thailand, you must be in possession of your national driving license. This is enough to rent a car, but it is better, in order to avoid insurance issues, to bring an International Driving Permit, issued freely in some countries, …

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  • Thai Food

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Thailand is indeed one of those destinations where the cost of living is much more affordable than in many western countries, with a ratio generally estimated around 3 or 4 compared to a country like France.

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  • Money Of The World

    Thailand: declaring cash to the customs

    When you arrive in Thailand with an important amount of cash, you should declare this funds to the Thai Customs, if the amount is exceeding $ 20,000 or an equivalent amount in any other foreign currency. Normally, you can not import large amounts of Thai Baht, …

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  • 1000baht

    Financing a real-estate purchase in Thailand

    You will generaly have to pay cash. It is difficult to obtain a loan in Thailand, unless you work there. A few attempts to obtain a credit from the Thai Banks or to settle offshore solutions (via Hong Kong for instance) turned out to be …

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