Legal aspects

Here, we are dealing with usual questions concerning real estate laws in different countries, and we explain under which legal schemes you can access to property ownership and in which countries it is possible.

  • Sizing Lot Condominium Carrez Law

    France: the guaranteed size of a property for sale

    The requirement to indicate the unit size in all transfert and sale documents applies not only to built plots, but also undeveloped one. The residential plot with a private house, “lots pavilionnaires” in French, being part of an horizontal condominium are also concerned by this rule. …

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  • Facade Immeuble Paris

    France : new or old property?

    In French, the distinction between “acheter dans le neuf“, purchasing a new property, and “acheter dans l’ancien“, purchasing an old property, is a taxation matter. This is a pretty obvious point for an apartment located in a traditionnal Haussmann building, or when purchasing off plan. …

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  • Copro

    Real-estate in France: condominium

    You can consider a condominium whenever a building is divided among different owners. The property of each unit is a “lot”, each lot comprising a private part and a share of common area. The operating rules of the condominium are determined by the building regulations. …

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  • Protperty Purchasing Process Myhomeabroad

    How to purchase a property in Cyprus?

    The process involved in the purchasing of property depends upon which type of property you intend to purchase. For properties purchased under freehold ownership, the purchasing process will usually be the following:

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  • Real Estate Law Cyprus

    Can I own a property in Northern Cyprus?

    Under the new laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), also commonly known as Northern Cyprus, non-TRNC Citizens are entitled to hold a title deed to only one property, up to a maximum area of 5 donums (which makes 6685 m2) per household, providing …

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  • Real Estate Purchase Barcelona Myhomeabroad

    Real estate in Spain: the purchasing process

    Obtaining a NIE Before you start looking for a property, you will have to obtain a the Alien Identification Number (NIE). This number, mandatory for foreigners wishing to buy or sell a property in Spain, is issued by the Spanish immigration department: you will have …

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  • Buy Property New York Myhomeabroad

    Buying a property in New York: co-op or condo?

    In a co-op, the building is owned by shareholders grouped within a legal entity, usually a corporation. Shareholders do not have a real direct ownership in the property, but a property lease granting them the right to occupy their housing unit. The co-op is managed by …

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  • Admin Ajax

    Thailand: visa overstay, beware to consequences!

    To ease tourism, and as long as you are staying in Thailand less than one month, there is a visa exemption for citizen of many countries, including US, France and several other European countries. If you plan to stay in Thailand for more than one month, you must apply for …

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  • Dreamstime S 25284779

    Purchasing a property in Thailand: buying an apartment in a condominium

    Buying an apartment in a condominium (condo) is the easiest and safest way for a foreigner to own a property in Thailand. In Bangkok and in tourist areas such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya and Hua Hin, an important number of properties are sold under …

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  • Banktransfer1

    Buying a property in Thailand: payment rules

    A deposit of 10 percent is usually required to ensure transaction and the total payment of balance should be made within 30 to 60 days. You could possibly get more time, but you will have to pay a bigger deposit. Deposits are normally non-refundable, except in …

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