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  • Maison Calculatrice Investissement Immobilier Defiscalisation Id647

    Investing in Paris

    With a rental market tight and very low housing supply compared to the demand, it will be easy to find a tenant in Paris, as long as the rent is consistent with market prices, of course. As the procedure is complex and the relationship between …

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  • Tax Paris Realestate Myhomeabroad

    Low taxation regime in Paris

    Property tax is due by the owner, it is relatively inexpensive in Paris which combines the statutes of a City and a Department. For non-residents, the French Treasury (tax department) is less greedy, there are many tax breaks for those who live more than 180 …

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  • Which City Chose Living Abroad

    Living in Paris

    To establish one’s second home or for settlement, Paris property market has assets that make it one of the most popular cities in the world. Cheaper than London or Moscow, Paris real estate will stay a safe and stable investment.

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  • Facade Immeuble Paris

    France : new or old property?

    In French, the distinction between “acheter dans le neuf“, purchasing a new property, and “acheter dans l’ancien“, purchasing an old property, is a taxation matter. This is a pretty obvious point for an apartment located in a traditionnal Haussmann building, or when purchasing off plan. …

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  • Buy Property New York Myhomeabroad

    Buying a property in New York: co-op or condo?

    In a co-op, the building is owned by shareholders grouped within a legal entity, usually a corporation. Shareholders do not have a real direct ownership in the property, but a property lease granting them the right to occupy their housing unit. The co-op is managed by …

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  • Property Tax Thailand

    Property taxation in Thailand

    In Thailand, there is not really such taxes as the property tax and the residential tax that exist in other countries. The only taxes which are concerning property are the “Land Tax” and the “Use Tax Structure”. The Land Tax, of course concerning land, is …

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  • Money Of The World

    Thailand: declaring cash to the customs

    When you arrive in Thailand with an important amount of cash, you should declare this funds to the Thai Customs, if the amount is exceeding $ 20,000 or an equivalent amount in any other foreign currency. Normally, you can not import large amounts of Thai Baht, …

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  • Acheter Du Neuf1

    Buying a property off-plan in Thailand

    Even in times of crisis, the property developements market is very dynamic in Thailand, especially in the areas popular with foreign investors. The demand for high quality new properties is increasing, while the resale market does not have the same energy. The objective of a rapid appreciation is …

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  • Banktransfer1

    Buying a property in Thailand: payment rules

    A deposit of 10 percent is usually required to ensure transaction and the total payment of balance should be made within 30 to 60 days. You could possibly get more time, but you will have to pay a bigger deposit. Deposits are normally non-refundable, except in …

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  • 1000baht

    Financing a real-estate purchase in Thailand

    You will generaly have to pay cash. It is difficult to obtain a loan in Thailand, unless you work there. A few attempts to obtain a credit from the Thai Banks or to settle offshore solutions (via Hong Kong for instance) turned out to be …

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