Cost of living

What will be the cost of your life abroad? What will be your usual expenses in the destinations you are interested in?

  • Tax Paris Realestate Myhomeabroad

    Low taxation regime in Paris

    Property tax is due by the owner, it is relatively inexpensive in Paris which combines the statutes of a City and a Department. For non-residents, the French Treasury (tax department) is less greedy, there are many tax breaks for those who live more than 180 …

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  • Icon Gas

    The price of fuel in Thailand

    When you move into a country and you own a car, the price of fuel is an important mater, as it will represent a significant expense in your budget. Here are the main fuel categories that you will find at the gas pump in Thailand, …

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  • Thai Food

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Thailand is indeed one of those destinations where the cost of living is much more affordable than in many western countries, with a ratio generally estimated around 3 or 4 compared to a country like France.

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  • Calculette

    Property in Thailand: what are the condo fees?

    A condominium must meet its maintenance and management expenses. The responsibility of each owner depends on the surface of the units he owns. The total amount of expenses is defined and agreed during the owners annual general meeting (AGM). The fund is gathered in advance by the …

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