Banking and money

How to open a bank account abroad, what are the financial conditions to obtain a retiree visa, what is the cost of life in the country where you want to live?

  • Real Estate Purchase Barcelona Myhomeabroad

    Real estate in Spain: the purchasing process

    Obtaining a NIE Before you start looking for a property, you will have to obtain a the Alien Identification Number (NIE). This number, mandatory for foreigners wishing to buy or sell a property in Spain, is issued by the Spanish immigration department: you will have …

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  • Thai Food

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Thailand is indeed one of those destinations where the cost of living is much more affordable than in many western countries, with a ratio generally estimated around 3 or 4 compared to a country like France.

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  • Money Of The World

    Thailand: declaring cash to the customs

    When you arrive in Thailand with an important amount of cash, you should declare this funds to the Thai Customs, if the amount is exceeding $ 20,000 or an equivalent amount in any other foreign currency. Normally, you can not import large amounts of Thai Baht, …

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  • 1000baht

    Financing a real-estate purchase in Thailand

    You will generaly have to pay cash. It is difficult to obtain a loan in Thailand, unless you work there. A few attempts to obtain a credit from the Thai Banks or to settle offshore solutions (via Hong Kong for instance) turned out to be …

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