Banking and money

All you need to know about banking and money, when you intend to buy a property abroad, or to settle down overseas.

  • Money Of The World

    Thailand: declaring cash to the customs

    When you arrive in Thailand with an important amount of cash, you should declare this funds to the Thai Customs, if the amount is exceeding $ 20,000 or an equivalent amount in any other foreign currency. Normally, you can not import large amounts of Thai Baht, …

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  • Banktransfer1

    Buying a property in Thailand: payment rules

    A deposit of 10 percent is usually required to ensure transaction and the total payment of balance should be made within 30 to 60 days. You could possibly get more time, but you will have to pay a bigger deposit. Deposits are normally non-refundable, except in …

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  • 1000baht

    Financing a real-estate purchase in Thailand

    You will generaly have to pay cash. It is difficult to obtain a loan in Thailand, unless you work there. A few attempts to obtain a credit from the Thai Banks or to settle offshore solutions (via Hong Kong for instance) turned out to be …

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