France enjoys its lowest interest rates in 70 years: banks are overwhelmed!

Bank interest rates have never been lower in France! For borrowers, this situation is a great opportunity to renegotiate a credit, or to purchase a property. So the banks are buried under files that accumulate into the hallways!

Recently, the French media have widely communicated on bank rates in France, which haved reached their lowest level on record since the forties: in August 2014, the average bank rate was around 2.7% Excluding Insurance. An obvious opportunity for the borrower: it is the moment to make a real estate purchase, or to reduce the cost of a property loan already contracted. As a results, applications have boomed: repurchasing an existing credit, new acquisition, files are piling on the desks of banks and brokers, and even in the corridors! Unable to cope with the surging applications of clients, banks have to prioritize cases: a missing piece and the incomplete file is returned back to the applicant, the individual or the broker submitting an application. As well, in order to sort between requests, banks now give priority to new acquisitions.