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  • Do I have to declare a cash amount that I am bringing to Thailand?

    Yes, if you are bringing to Thailand an amount of cash exceeding 20.000 USD (around 15.000 €), you must declare it to the Thai Customs. But, there is also a legal limit for the amount of cash that you are allowed to take away from …

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  • Can I bring my pet to Thailand?

    Yes, providing you follow certain rules, you can bring your pet with you to Thailand. A few breeds of dogs, such as Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier, are prohibited. For all other cats and dogs, vaccination must be up-to-date, and a the pet must …

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  • Condominium in Thailand: what is the “Juristic”?

    In Thailand, the “Juristic” is the property manager, an employee responsible of the daily management and correct maintenance of a condominium. He is selected by the owners of the residence, and he is reporting to them. He is in charged of managing the funds allocated …

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  • Can foreigners buy and own a property in Cambodia?

    Yes, foreigners can own a property in Cambodia, with some restrictions. Since 2010, the Cambodian legislation allows foreigners to own a property in buildings above the ground floor. It is not possible to own a villa, at least not the ground floor. But, just like …

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  • Can I obtain a loan from the bank to purchase a property abroad?

    In many cases, it will not be possible. Your options for borrowing from a bank in your home country are usually limited. Institutions that do lend to buy abroad will be those with offices in the countries concerned. There are two big options: 1. To …

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  • Can I own a property in Mauritius?

    Yes, it is possible for all foreign nationals to access ownership in Mauritius, under two special residential schemes, the IRS and RES devices. The “Integrated Resort Scheme” (IRS) concerns high-end properties that are sold at a minimum price of US$ 500,000. The foreign person purchasing …

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  • Can a foreigner buy a property in Thailand?

    Yes, it is possible, under some specific scheme. For instance, you can have full ownership in a condominium (serviced residence): this is the freehold scheme. If you want to buy a house or a villa, you can acess ownership under the leasehold scheme, which is …

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    Buying a property off-plan in Thailand

    Even in times of crisis, the property developements market is very dynamic in Thailand, especially in the areas popular with foreign investors. The demand for high quality new properties is increasing, while the resale market does not have the same energy. The objective of a rapid appreciation is …

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