France still attracts many foreign buyers, mainly in Paris and on the French Riviera. Americans, Italians, Chineses and Europeans are buying their second home in the historic districts of Paris or on the coast. More and more foreigners are considering France as a good place for investment, as this country still enjoys great prices, strong demand and a favorable tax regime for non-residents, which increases the profitability of the investment.

A prestigious country
Modernity and prosperity!
An amazing cultural heritage...
Charming cities and villages...
Pleasant coastlines...
Old mansions and houses.
Extraordinary properties...
Find yourself a seafront home...

Official name: French Republic fr-lgflag

Area: 551.500 km² (Metropolitan France)

Population: 66 Millions

Capital: Paris

Official language: French

Currency: Euro

Life expectancy: 81,66 ans

Literacy rate: 99%

Religion(s): Catholics (83%), Protestants (2%), Muslims (5%), Jewish (1%)

GDP per capita: 35.700 USD (2013)

Growth rate: 0,4 %(2013)

Unemployment rate: 10,2 % (2013)

Inflation: 0 ,9% (2013)

Budget balance: -4,1% of GDP (2013)

Balance of trade : -81,2 Bd $ (2013)

France, the first tourist destination in the world

France is the most visited country in the world, with over 84 million visitors in 2013, which represents up to 7.4% of GDP. Many consider France as the most beautiful country in the world. People come here for the country's history, its monuments, its culture, the beaches, the charm of many ancient cities, not to mention fashion and gastronomy.

Yet, the price of properties in France, despite a large increase over the period 1995-2007, remains affordable compared to other world destinations popular among international clients.

In addition, non-residents take advantage of tax benefits, such as an exemption of the tax that must be fulfilled by permanent residents.

All this makes France a top destination for foreign buyers, who do not hesitate to buy both in Paris and the Cote d'Azur.

France - Paris

A few good reasons to purchase a property in France:
  • France is the world's fifth largest economy.
  • One of the world's best transportation network.
  • Efficient infrastructures.
  • High quality and efficient health system.
  • The world's number one tourist destination.
  • France enjoys a privileged location within Europe.
  • Over 5,000 kilometers of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean, the English Channel…
  • A country renowned in various fields, such as fashion, cuisine, luxury and Human Rights.
  • A rich and ancient heritage.
  • Favorable taxation for non-residents.
  • Good rental yields and a market with high demand for housing.
  • Regular and stable appreciation of your investment.
  • A high quality of life.
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