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  • The Wharf Shopping Bophut Fisherman

    Living in Koh Samui: a new shopping center opens in Bophut!

    The Wharf Samui is a new shopping center managed by The Platinum Group, opening in December 2014 in Bophut, at Fisherman Village. The Wharf Samui shopping center is located on a 24 000 m2 park overlooking the beach. With a retro architecture combining with a mixture …

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  • Taux Interet Emprunt Record

    France enjoys its lowest interest rates in 70 years: banks are overwhelmed!

    Recently, the French media have widely communicated on bank rates in France, which haved reached their lowest level on record since the forties: in August 2014, the average bank rate was around 2.7% Excluding Insurance. An obvious opportunity for the borrower: it is the moment to make …

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  • Paris Foreign Buyers Myhomeabroad

    Foreign real estate investors like Paris

    According to Marie-Josée Lopes, head of Savills Research, in Paris area, transactions valued at more than € 100 million represent almost three quarters of the amounts invested. One of the characteristics of the market in 2014 is the recovery in transactions exceeding € 500 million, 3 of them being over …

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  • Villa Exception Floride Untoitdanslemonde

    Florida: the most expensive villa for sale in the USA

    This luxury beachfront villa, called “Royal Palace” by its American developer, demonstrates the amazing health of the luxury real estate market in the USA. The prestigious villa is located on the beach in Hillsboro Beach, Florida, about an hour drive from Miami beach.   With its …

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  • Furnished Lettings France

    Furnished lettings in France: still the best option?

    For both types of lease, furnished and unfurnished, the new law requires a formal document, which content will be determined by decree. The idea is to include into the rental procedure specific information, such as the amount of rent paid by the previous tenant, the …

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  • Most Influencial Cities World Forbes Myhomeabroad

    Forbes list of the most influential cities in the world: London, New York, Paris, Singapore are first

    London, New York and Paris are the world’s most influential cities in 2014, according to the recent analysts at Forbes. London and New York come first and close in this ranking, followed by Paris, Singapore and Tokyo. The list was compiled from 58 metropolitan areas, assessed …

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  • World Competivness

    The world’s most competitive countries

    There are many statistics and rankings to differentiate economies of the world. The main indicator is the GDP per capita, which reflects the wealth produced per capita (inhabitant) and by country, but many other facets. A recent study by the Institute for Management Development (IMD) in …

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  • Airbnb Myhomeabroad

    Airbnb: a French fined for subletting his home in Paris!

    With the growing success of the website Airbnb, many French tenants are tempted to rent their home to tourists, in order to earn a complementary income, although subleasing is in most cases illegal in France. Last February, the court of the 9e arrondissement of Paris …

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  • Un Toit Dans Le Monde Immobilier

    Real estate in the world: trends in 2014

    After the strong rise of property prices which preceded the 2008-2009 global crisis, the time of big prices appreciation is gone in many areas. Since the mid 2000s decade, most countries seem to have come back to more realistic prices.   The market is rising again in the …

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  • Locataires étrangers En France

    Which non-French citizens are buying properties in France?

    Between 2009 and 2013, the vast majority (70%) of non-French citizen buyers were already resident in France when purchasing their property: either immigrants or expatriates, the property was usually becoming their home. Regarding the purchases by non-residents, the proportion of buyers having French nationality amounts to …

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